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Translation & Copywriting in the times of AI


Dear #AI... Wait for us :)
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Artificial Intelligence, a.k.a. AI, took the world by storm. Will it revolutionize every industry and make us its slaves? People from every walk of life suddenly had something to say. From informed opinions to conspiracy theories, some think it’s a miracle maker, others think it will replace humans and threaten their livelihood, while the wilder theories out there think it’s an omen predicting machines taking over the planet. Those people seriously need to stop watching sci-fi movies.

In reality, every technological revolution has been met with skepticism. Our translation experts here at BAB Middle East have decided to embrace its potential in making our jobs easier and help in providing a faster turnaround for deliverables. However, our copywriting experts are still skeptical about its ability to deliver creative and well-targeted copies.

AI and Translation: the Good, the Bad and the Promising

AI is surely not the first technology that made its way into the world of translation; its mama, machine translation, is still employed till this day in the industry. AI, however, is much more promising as it has the ability to learn and improve.

In terms of advantages AI is time-saving and a great tool that offers translators a draft to work with. Nevertheless, AI still has its limitations, it does not have the ability to actually understand the subtext and nuances of a language; making translations literal, susceptible to miscommunication and errors, and sometimes plain ugly. In short, AI will be used and abused for the benefit of our translators, who will remain the only ones capable of providing high-quality translations.

AI and Copywriting: Are Creative Juices Flowing?

Yes, BAB Middle East is open-minded towards tools that support perfection and might consider AI for bulk copywriting and variations on copies. Yet when it comes to creative copies, targeting a specific audience and aiming to elicit a specific response or action; the creative and innovative mind of humans still does the job like no other. Creativity and machines? Seriously? Even the sound of it sounds weird.

In a nutshell, to all the naysayers out there, BAB Middle East has one thing to say: AI is here to serve us and learn from us. We are leagues away from being ruled by the machine.

AI is capable of learning and improving, and we are here to school it and improve its efficiency. Wait for us 😊